30-Year-Old Who Refused to Leave Parents’ House Is Finally Out — But Not Before He Called Cops on Dad

The 30-year-old man who was ordered by a judge last week to move out of his parents’ house has finally done so — but not before he called the police on his father over his missing Legos.

Michael Rotondo told Syracuse.com on Friday he had called the police because he believed his 8-year-old son’s Legos were inside the home and his father was refusing to allow him to search for them, offering to look around himself instead.

“This isn’t a game show,” he said, explaining why he called the police. “I don’t have to guess what’s behind Door No. 1.”


Upon their arrival, police officers located the Legos, and there was no further incident.

Rotondo made headlines last week when a judge had to evict him from his parents’ house following their efforts to convince him to find work and get his own place for months — after allowing him to live in their home for eight years.

The 30-year-old also faced a tough court battle with the mother of his son, who requested an increase in his child support from $25 a month to $56. He claimed he couldn’t afford the expense despite purchasing a storage unit for his belongings.

The judge sided with the child’s mother, writing in her ruling:

When questioned why he did not sell such belongings, he claimed that they had no value except sentimental, and that he had no legitimate answer for the obvious question of why it made sense to spend more than $9,000 over the last five years to store valueless belongings, at the same time asserting that he could not afford to pay support for his son.

“I gotta get going before that thing blows up,” Rotondo told Syracuse.com before jumping into his faulty station wagon and preparing to leave his parents’ home.

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