“Are We Going To Be A Democracy After Today?” CNN Predicts Death To Us All After Memo Release

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin spoke with Brian Kareem, the White House correspondent for Playboy Magazine… you read that right. Karem predicted the end of this country over the release of the Nunes memo. Just when you thought CNN couldn’t sink any lower.

“This is a tipping point for our democracy. Are we going to be a democracy after today, or is this going to be demagoguery and despotism?” asked Karem.

“The simple fact of the matter is, he talks about transparency, and this is an administration that hasn’t had a solo press conference in a year. They haven’t had a press briefing in the last week and a half. They don’t talk to the press. We have to go on the South Lawn to try and get in touch with the president and shout questions at him. That’s disingenuous,” said Karem.

“And by the way, if you’re going to be transparent, then you release the Democratic version of it as well. You release all of it, if you’re going to be transparent. This isn’t transparency. This is obfuscation. This is disingenuousness. This is simply, and nothing else, but a power play, a demagogue pushing back against the democratic process,” said Karem.

“And you’ve got the FBI — and you may say a lot of things about the FBI and I’ve covered them for 30 years — but corrupt? No. I’m sorry. They do their job and they do their job very well. And if the head of the FBI that you appointed is telling you not to do this, you don’t do it. But he doesn’t care. This is a mafia boss gone mad,” said Karem. Check out the video below.



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