Bill Maher Calls “All Republicans” “Treasonous Rats” For One Stupid Reason

Bill Maher claimed that every single Republican is a “treasonous rat.” He started with Devin Nunes, the man behind the FISA memo. Liberals are all about attacking our institutions, unless of course, something comes out that they don’t like.

“Forget Groundhog Day, the only large, ratlike creature I’m concerned about is Devin Nunes. This guy — his memo got released today. Of course, it’s not fair to single him out, all the Republicans these days are treasonous rats,” said Maher. Notice how he has no arguments about the content of the memo, only insults.

“Republicans, they did not like what the FBI was finding out about Trump. So, like the true patriots they are, of Russia, they attacked the FBI and the Justice Department because they’re biased. Yes, because they’re in law enforcement, and the Trump crime family commits crimes,” said Maher without any examples of these supposed various crimes.

“So, that’s what they are supposed to do. It’s like saying the exterminator is biased against the termites,” said Maher.

“Republicans talk about this memo like it’s some smoking gun piece of evidence that they uncovered. No, they wrote it! It’s not an intelligence document. It’s a Facebook post that you briefly skim before clicking unfriend,” said Maher. If that is true, than why is he so freaked out about the memo being released? Check out the video below.

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