CNN Reporters Suffer On-Air Meltdown After Sarah Sanders Confronted Them Directly [VIDEO]

Liberal mistakes giving President Donald Trump a bad name ‘unintentionally’ have almost pushed White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders over the edge.

On Monday, unable to hide her revolt any more, she told press briefing reporters,“A number of outlets have had to retract and change and rewrite and make editor’s note to a number of different stories. There’s a very big difference between making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the American people.”

In a sudden shits of currency, the press conference was over and CNN host Brooke Baldwin took Sanders’ words to heart and decided to stand up against the “fake news” allegations coming CNN’s way.

“It makes all of us angry,” Baldwin said. “It makes all of us angry.” Then, she turned to CNN political analyst Brian Kareem and wanted to know how he felt.

“Frustrating as always,” Kareem responded, “and the frustration level is to sit there and expect us to play error-free baseball while the president of the United States last week tweeted out something that was a completely fake video. He did it on purpose, and we are told that elevated the level of discussion in an important issue.”

“Look, we’re human beings, as Jim said earlier, we’re going to make mistakes,” Karem continued. “And we always apologize and correct our mistakes. Not once in the year that this president has been here, has he ever corrected a mistake nor even admitted that he made one. And the bottom line problem with that is you hold us to a higher standard than you hold the president of the United States and the people in this White House have such disdain for what we do. It’s a matter of divide and conquers, and they’re trying to smear us, and we’re just trying to do our job, and it’s increasingly difficult to do that job when the people you are covering are set against you and trying to divide and conquer us.”

CNN may have said their first story was “incorrect,” but they have yet to apologize for mixing the dates when Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign accessed Wikileaks emails.

Not good enough, try again.

Finally, it was April Ryan who took the spotlight, saying, “This is a totally different White House,” Ryan lamented, adding, “If you’re gonna make an accusation against one side you’ve got to point a finger back at yourself as well and she could not really do it. She had to leave. She left very early as well. I’ve never seen a room like that before and it’s getting worse.”

Take a look at the video below:

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