CNN’s Ana Navarro Accuses The Media Of Being Pro-Trump And Conservative After Memo Is Released

As we have seen time and time again, the mainstream media is overwhelming liberal. But CNN’s Ana Navarro, accused the media of being ‘right-wing’ and attacked them for reporting on the memo and trying to control America.

“I just think there is so much noise with the clear intent of muddying the waters of discrediting the FBI, of discrediting Bob Mueller, of trying to lay the groundwork so he can fire Rosenstein, and then, you know, go after Mueller,” said Navarro on CNN’s “New Day.”

“This is to me a very clear road map here with the help of a lot of people, with the coordination of folks in Congress. With coordination of folks in the right wing media,” she said.

“With coordination of some of his surrogates and allies. Just drumming up all of this propaganda and all of this nonsense and all of these conspiracy theories,” said Navarro.

This isn’t the first time the mainstream media has tried to act like they are ‘conservative.’ On January 22nd, MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted “There is nothing so predictable as media spin in favor of Republicans.” Reid made this insane claim after the Government reopened after the shut down. Check out the video below.

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