Coordinated Attacks? GOP Rep, Cabinet Member, Senator’s Office, Others Attacked Within Hours

These are strange times we live in. The political division and unrest are at a fevered pitch, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell what’s manufactured and what’s organic in terms of the discord and chaos we see each day throughout the country.

And the escalation of fake news from the mainstream media doesn’t help us when we are trying to determine what’s real and what’s not.

Today, a series of events unfolded at different places across the nation that seemed to target right-leaning political entities at various levels of government.

However, because it’s never a good idea to jump to conclusions, let’s just examine these events individually and you can decide whether these were coordinated attacks against Republicans or if it is mere coincidence.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign office in Houston was the site of a hazmat investigation on Tuesday morning as staffers opened mail containing a white powdery substance.

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While we have yet to learn if the substance was toxic, two people were hospitalized because of exposure to the substance, according to The Weekly Standard.

The office was later cleared for re-entry as the evacuation order was lifted. Hazardous substance tests were negative.

Do you believe these attacks are coordinated attacks against the political right?

While I will cautiously tiptoe around conspiracy and coordination, I will go out on a limb to point out that the left will stop at nothing to get their point across in a protest, including threatening and violent behavior.

Also on Tuesday morning, Maryland Republican Rep. Andy Harris found himself trying to keep protesters from forcing their way into his office. He was assaulted by demonstrators as they pushed through his office door.

Demonstrators are seen in this video as they push their way into Harris’ office uninvited.

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Apparently, the protestors were smoking marijuana as well.

It seems that sometimes bad news comes in threes; the Pentagon was also the site of an unfortunate occurrence. Two packages suspected of containing the deadly poison ricin were delivered to the Pentagon.

The envelopes in question are currently undergoing further testing. Although it is generally not a good idea to jump to conclusions, the timing of these attacks seems to be a little too convenient.

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