Couple Trolls Desperate CNN, Humiliates Them on New Year’s Eve and Wins $20k

If there is one thing that has become crystal clear over the past two years about the liberal media, it is that they hold a wide variety of standards on what behavior is deemed acceptable and what will offend their pure, Victorian sensibilities and cause pearl-clutching outrage.

And that point was proven live on CNN by a clever couple during the network’s New Year’s Eve coverage.

It all started last September, when Variety reported on the fall-on-my-fainting-couch reaction of CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin when a guest on her program mentioned the word “boobs.”

That guest was popular Fox Sports Radio host and Outkick the Coverage columnist Clay Travis, who pronounced himself on Baldwin’s show as a “First Amendment absolutist” and proudly declared, “I believe in the First Amendment and boobs.”

A shocked Baldwin stated that Travis’ use of the word “boobs” — in 2017, and on a woman’s program, no less — to be entirely “inappropriate,” and ended the segment early.

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Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, and Travis was informed that Baldwin had teamed up with CNN anchor Don Lemon to ring in the new year at a bar in New Orleans — and that Baldwin had just told Lemon she had bigger balls than he did, according to Travis on his own Outkick the Coverage site.

Travis, who has been banned from CNN since the “boobs” incident, took note of the astounding hypocrisy on display — saying “boobs” isn’t OK, but saying “balls” is — so he quickly jumped on Twitter and offered up a $10K reward to any of his fans who could troll Baldwin and CNN by saying “boobs” on the air with her again.

Shortly thereafter, he upped the reward to $20K if a woman was the one to successfully troll Baldwin by saying “boobs” on air.

Not even an hour later, Travis’ clever plan to humorously expose Baldwin’s hypocritical double standards came together better than he could have imagined, as a reportedly already married couple faked a marriage proposal live on CNN and the woman yelled the magic words that earned her 20 grand.

According to Independent Journal Review, following the man’s proposal on bent knee — which the woman of course accepted, because they were already married — the woman then grabbed the microphone and shouted “I love boobs!” while the man slipped in a sly hat-tip and stated, “Outkick, baby!”

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Needless to say, Travis had a blast mocking CNN on social media for the rest of the evening and into the next day, as the media network was still featuring the “proposal” — now with the “boobs” part edited out — as a highlighted moment of its New Year’s Eve coverage on its website.

True to his word, Travis promised the couple that they would soon receive the $20K he had offered, and then he proceeded to up the ante for 2018.

Travis is now offering $1K to anybody who can successfully state “I love boobs” on air on CNN — $2K if it happens on Baldwin’s program — and for good measure, Travis even vowed to raise $10 million for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign if the president himself is the one to do it.

This perfect whirlwind of an epic troll job is the dramatic convergence of the liberal media’s selective outrage, a pundit scorned, a couple with a sense of humor motivated by cash and a desperate media outlet that apparently is willing to put anything live on the air.

It’s going to be an interesting 2018.

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