Elizabeth Warren Accuses Pro-Life People Of Being Murderers Of Women

Planned Parenthood is responsible for murdering thousands of babies each year. Democrats often argue that a woman’s ‘choice’ is more valuable than a babies’ life. They clearly have a disregard for human life. However, according to Elizabeth Warren, it’s actually pro-life people who have disregard for human life.

She wrote an article for Time magazine blaming Republicans for the deaths of women who choose to receive back ally abortions when abortion becomes illegal.

“When I was a girl growing up in Oklahoma, women got abortions. But because those procedures were illegal, many of them ended up with back alley butchers. And we all heard the stories: women who bled to death or died from an infection,” wrote Warren. This of course, disregards all the babies who got to live their lives and grow up as a result of those laws.

“One of my older brothers and I can argue left-right politics all day and all night, but when it comes to reproductive rights, we see it the same way: A woman should make this very personal decision — and the government should stay out of it,” wrote Warren. Funny how liberals want Government involved in everything accept for this.

“When making policy about women’s bodies, government officials should trust the women whose lives and futures are on the line. Safety and economic security — that’s what Roe v. Wade is still all about. I lived in a world of back alley butchers and wrecked lives. We’re not going back — not now, not ever,” writes Warren.

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