ESPN Suspends 2 Top Employees Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

America’s media world has been shattered by surges of sexual harassment cases, each bigger than the one before.

The latest network to get into trouble of this sort was ESPN, as two of their largest reporting names have been labeled sexual predators.

As a result of an LA lawsuit filed against these reporters, the two were suspended by the network.

Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis are the infamous staffers who are now facing sexual misconduct charges filed by a wardrobe stylist who worked for ESPN as well.

McNabb used to play in the NFL as a quarterback and remained remembered as a part of the Philadelphia Eagles team, while he also participated in the 2005 Super Bowl. McNabb has been reportedly a strong supporter of Obama since part of his career began in Chicago.

On the other hand, we have Eric Davis who played for the 49ers during the 1990s and then transferred to TV in the early 2000s.

“Donovan McNabb […] sent Plaintiff sexually inappropriate comments via text message,” stated the lawsuit. The document goes on to expose sensitive messages that the former quarterback reportedly sent his co-worker regularly.

Davis, for that matter, faces even more severe accusations which claim he would rub against his accuser and make sexual comments to her at all times.

ESPN is in serious crisis as of late. Not only did the network have to fire other staffers, due to weak network performance based on viewership, they now have these two troublemakers int he spotlight.

But, this didn’t stop liberals from bashing Trump in the meantime, refusing to report what is actually happening within their own little world.

The entire sexual harassment allegation cycle began with Democrats sponsor and supporter Harvey Weinstein, who became the yardstick for how not to. Hollywood was really well-aware of what was happening, but they liked to play the shocked society for a while, which is kind of gross.

Then came Kevin Spacey, whose sexual preferences have been yet another public secret.

It wasn’t long before entities like Matt Lauer and Al Franken faced the same faith. It wasn’t as if no one knew about their doings as well!

As of recently, ESPN has been struck with the same allegations and the drama has reached a point of no return. However, it is good for people to know how crooked and twisted Democrats can be if they feel like it.

It would be no wonder if more stories of this sort broke into the news, making America wonder who was in charge of this country for eight long years?!

In the meantime, someone ought to teach ESPN that even though they have supported the NFL and their relentless anti-anthem protests, they have their own mess to clean up.

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