Here’re the Shoes Melania and Michelle Wore on First White House Gardening, the Difference is Undeniable

The White House vegetable garden was first established by former First lady Michelle Obama, and Melania Trump being the latest. Being a busy bee, Melania Trump took the time off her packed schedule to do something productive and set an example of what a true First lady should look like in people’s eyes.

While the two First Ladies took their time in the garden, nurturing the oh-so-healthy veggies on display, there was a major difference in the way they did it.

While Michelle was looking to make a fashion statement and ‘make it rain’ by wearing pricey footwear, Melania kept it simple and classy, picking out an all-time favorite brand of trainers.

But, as critiques love to trash,e they went after the First Lady, noting her shirt was overprized and unsuitable for the task.

It is time for a serious reality check now, ladies and gents. Let’s compare what Melania and Michelle wore as the two made their way to the garden on separate occasions.

Back in 2009, Michelle chose for herself a glamorous pair of Jimmy Choo boots, shown in the photo below.

Interestingly enough, the pair of working boots cost Michelle ‘only’ $1,150. Juicy, right?

Skipping over to Melania Trump, we can notice she picked out a classic Converse pair, with a price tag of only $50. See what I mean?

This doesn’t mean Michelle is more fashionable than Melania- it simply means Melania has her ducks in a row and feels no need for proving a point (which in Michelle’s case would be ‘I’m rich, you’re not’)

It is also good to know that as a First Lady, certain outfits are not your call. So, let’s all chill and let her be.

Oh, and also, ‘Let who is without sin cast the first stone’!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cyndi56

    August 2, 2018 at 6:29 am

    This is great -but, you know Melania has no idea what she is doing! Looks like it was actually the garden that Michelle Obama expanded and grew significantly. She visited and worked in the garden on a regular basis and there are pics of her online with converse shoes, working boots, etc. And it looks like Melania’s shoes are brand new!

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