Hours After Trump’s “Childish” Tweet, Haters Silenced As NK Opens Line of Communication

When President Donald Trump responded to an empty threat from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by posting a tweet Tuesday reminding the deranged lunatic of the United States’ might, the entire mainstream media suffered a meltdown.

Seriously, just Google “Trump nuclear war” and you’ll encounter an endless array of pieces from the leftist media bemoaning how Trump’s “childish” tweet could lead America into a nuclear war.

It’s all nonsense, though. How do I know? Because only hours after Trump posted the tweet, North Korea announced that it intends to reopen communication with South Korea, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

The Associated Press broke the story to the Western world about 10 minutes later. Check the AP’s tweet below, and take note of the timestamp:

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The AP submitted that tweet at 1:55 a.m. EST.

Now take a look at the tweet Trump sent Tuesday evening:

He sent that tweet at 7:49 p.m. EST, or roughly six hours before North Korea suddenly decided to speak with South Korea “for the first time in about two years,” as noted by Bloomberg.

According to ABC News, Kim cut off his southern neighbor in 2015 “in retaliation for the shutdown of a joint-industrial park in Kaesong, North Korea, by South Korea’s previous administration, led by conservative Park Geun-hye.”

And now all of a sudden he’s speaking with South Korea? Why is that? The reason remains unclear, though CNN estimates “(i)t’s unlikely the timing of North Korea’s offer of talks was related to Trump’s tweet.”

Maybe, maybe not, though it does seem awfully coincidental that Kim finally decided to behave after Trump rattled his saber at him.

Here’s the more pertinent point, though: The arrogant media assumes Trump’s saber-rattling tweet might provoke Kim into launching a nuclear strike against the United States, thus launching us into a nuclear war, correct?

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But if that were true, why would Kim first reach out to South Korea, which happens to be one of our allies and top trading partners?

“Over the past several decades, the R.O.K. has achieved a remarkably high level of economic growth and is now the United States’ sixth-largest goods trading partner with a trillion-dollar economy,” the State Department notes, referring to South Korea by its official name, the Republic of Korea.

And now, after years of silence, North Korea wants to be buds again with one of our top allies? And this only hours after Trump warned Kim about the size of his “nuclear button”?

Perhaps I’m just what hateful liberals would call a “right-wing nutjob,” but I think that it’s possible Kim is beginning to realize that the tricks and games he pulled during appeaser in chief Barack Obama’s time in office won’t cut it anymore.

And maybe, just maybe, he’s acting better now because of — not in spite of — Trump’s tweet.

Of course, I could be wrong. One thing I’m 100 percent positive about, however, is that the president’s tweets will not trigger a nuclear war.

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