Idiot of the Year Award Goes to Mindless Punk Stealing in Front of Cops

Thieves tend to not be the smartest bunch, but a woman who recently tried stealing from a retail store where more than four dozen cops were participating in an event has taken the cake for the most idiotic.

Melissa E. Allen, 32, attempted to steal over $1,000 worth of merchandise from Target in Framingham, Mass. during the annual “Shop with a Cop” Christmas event, according to the Boston Globe.

While roughly 50 police officers waited in line to pay for items they picked up for local, impoverished children, an employee notified them that a shoplifter had been spotted in the store.

Officers confronted Allen in the store’s loss prevention office, where she denied taking the items.

However, the thief reportedly had a large bin filled with items she had tried to steal, including clothing, accessories and home goods, according to the police report.

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The value of the items totaled $1,105.40, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Surveillance footage had also captured that Allen had “attempted to leave the store and then [was] stopped in the vestibule, passing all points of where she could have completed a sale transaction,” the report explained.

After observing the video, Officer Stephen O’Rourke placed her under arrest.

“Melissa was uncooperative and arguing that she wasn’t stealing anything and we can’t prove she stole anything as she ripped her hands from my grasp,” he said, according to the Globe.

She only cooperated after the cops warned her that she would be charged with resisting arrest if she continued to struggle; however, when officers attempted to put her in the squad car, she started to scream and kick.

Allen originally told officers that her name was Kelly Bouchay, but a police information system check revealed her true identity.

Her actions landed her with charges for larceny over $250, resisting arrest, and giving a false name to police officers.

The police department in nearby Holliston summed up everything that needed to be said to the alleged shoplifter in a Facebook post:

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“Don’t be a Grinch,” the post read. “Especially when the store you’re attempting to shoplift from is filled with police officers from four different towns, at a charity event for children to pick out holiday gifts.”

There are no words to describe how ridiculous it is to try and steal something in front of dozens of cops. Taking things that you haven’t paid for is already despicable, but to do so while surrounded by law enforcement makes you despicable and stupid.

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