‘It’s Time To End This’

On Tuesday, amid speculation that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is attempting to cajole four Republican senators into voting to join Democrats, form a majority and force the calling of new witnesses in the impeachment proceedings the Democrats have pushed, Rush Limbaugh delivered a blunt message to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his fellow Republicans, saying bluntly, “It’s time to end this.”

Limbaugh repeated, “It’s time to end this. Because this is nothing but a foundation of lies and distortions and slander and libel.” He said of the GOP senators, “They’re gonna be afraid of the media. They’re gonna be afraid of the criticism they will get. But, man, if they could pull the trigger and just dismiss this and throw it out on the basis there’s no case. The Democrats have no case. They have no evidence. There’s not a single crime even mentioned in the articles of impeachment. It would be, on a factual basis, easy to do. Politically, yeah, might be tough for some of them to pull out, but it would be the absolute greatest way to end this.”

He predicted, “I know that there are a lot of Republicans in the Senate that hate Trump. But I don’t think they’re gonna vote to remove him from office because that’s their own death warrant if they do. I’m not in any denial about the reality of all this.”

Limbaugh cited a piece by Byron York in the Washington Examiner which stated, “Schumer is not trying to convince all 53 Senate Republicans to support his proposal. He just needs four. There are 47 Democrats in the Senate. If Schumer can persuade four GOP senators to join Democrats, they’ll have a majority of 51 and can force the calling of new witnesses. Of course, Schumer is counting on Democrats voting as a bloc against the president, which is probably a good bet.”

Limbaugh continued, “If Schumer gets what he wants, it seems hard to believe that will be the end of it. The request for more witnesses appears designed to lead not to closure but to reopening the case against Trump.”

Limbaugh pointed out that McConnell has pointed out that it is not the Senate’s job to investigate, but the House’s. Limbaugh suggested that McConnell could put an end to the charade by simply submitting the two articles of impeachment for dismissal on day one. He cited Andy McCarthy telling Bill Hemmer of Fox News that McConnell could bring up a motion to dismiss and the impeachment process could be terminated in two days or less.

Limbaugh asserted, “These charges don’t deserve 10 minutes in the Senate when you get down to nitty-gritty. There’s nothing in them. There’s not an impeachable offense in them. By the way, this is why Schumer wants to call witnesses. He knows that Schiff hasn’t made the case. He knows that Nadler hasn’t made the case”.

Limbaugh continued, “This is not a criminal trial. This is not McConnell refusing to accept the evidence. This would be McConnell suggesting you don’t have any, you never have had any, I’m not gonna let my Senate be used in your ongoing effort to overthrow a duly elected president. Case dismissed. And I’m telling you every Republican that supported that would be reelected in a landslide the next November.”

He opined, “The one thing these people up there in Washington don’t know? They don’t know the seething rage that is bubbling up every day among the people that voted in 2016, the 63 million that voted for Donald Trump. And there’s a bunch of more who didn’t, who will in 2020, and they are seething with rage over this. And nobody in Washington knows it because the media is not telling them it’s happening. And everybody in Washington only knows what’s in the mainstream media.”

Limbaugh concluded of the Democrats:

That’s what they want. They want a trial in the Senate where they can throw everything that offends them into supposed criminal or impeachable offense charges, because they have been seething. They can’t believe they haven’t been able to get rid of the guy. They can’t believe the Access Hollywood NBC tape didn’t get rid of him. They can’t believe that their made-up pictures of kids in cages didn’t result in the American people demanding that Trump resign, even though those pictures were from 2014 and the Obama administration … Don’t fall for any of this, ’cause it’s nothing but a phony and corrupt effort to turn the Senate trial into a never-ending television commercial in which they would get to air every grievance they have about Donald Trump because they’re frustrated that they haven’t gotten that message out.

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