Jeff Flake Sets Demands For President Trump “No Firing Of Anybody Else!”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Brian Williams, anti-Trump senator Jeff Flake lectured President Trump about firing James Comey. He then instructed President Trump to not fire anyone else. Williams asked about the idea of Trump firing everyone involved in his investigation.

“Well, I know a number of us are concerned, obviously. I don’t think there was justification for the timing, certainly, of the Comey firing, and I think the president has recognized the fallacy of that move given it got him this investigation going on right now with the special counsel,” said Flake.

“So I sure hope that there is going to be no firing of anybody else, and in terms of legislation, if there is a piece of legislation that is constitutional, that would ensure that he doesn’t fire the deputy attorney general or somebody else, then I would consider it, but I haven’t seen that legislation yet,” said Flake. That doesn’t sound very constitutional.

“Do you think there are the votes to insulate, to make Mueller Trump-proof?” asked Williams.

“I think the president does know, frankly, the fact it looks as if he started to do it in the summer and was rebuffed by his own legal counsel and others probably indicates if he wasn’t going to do it then, he certainly shouldn’t do it now. I hope that he lets the investigation take its course. I have confidence in the FBI, I have confidence in the special counsel, certainly Robert Mueller, so let’s see where it goes,” said Flake.



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