Jimmy Kimmel Calls America A “Cruel” Nation, He Gets Crushed By Guest

Jimmy Kimmel made a very politically charged segment trying to shame Republicans on their views over DACA. He had on a woman who was brought into America at the age of two whose husband is in the military. He had various DACA opponents speak with Kimmel and the family.

One DACA opponent said something that Kimmel wasn’t expecting. She was an immigrant. But a LEGAL immigrant. “Jimmy, we can agree to disagree, but I know that you will concur with me that we live in a most loving compassionate, and exceptional country?” she said. And this is where things really got ugly.

“No, I don’t, I don’t agree with that. I think this country has become cruel, and uhm, I mean look at this woman and her husband who’s in the military, where is your compassion?” said Kimmel.

The husband then started complaining about the immigration process. “What people don’t realize is that the process, it’s hard. It’s grueling. We’re going through it. We as a family have paid so much money to make sure everything’s documented and right,” he said.

“OK, and a lot of people like to focus on, is what bad has happened. But the people who are doing everything right, and who are trying to through the process, the best way they can, and financially, you know, skipping bills, you know, even, just to get the documents right. Going without water, electricity, you know?” he said. Why doesn’t Kimmel talk to some of the mothers whose children were murdered by illegal immigrants, since he likes to shame people so much? Check out the video below.

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