John Kasich Slams President Trump, And Makes Disgusting Declaration Against Gun Ownership

‘Republican’ Gov. Kasich spoke out against gun rights multiple times after the attack in Florida. Kasich’s website once said he was “a strong supporter of the right to bear arms”, but this section has been removed. Now he is on CNN telling people we need to ban certain types of guns.

“What would you lose? Would you feel as though your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a God darn AR15? These are the things that have to be looked at, and action has to happen,” said Kasich.

This wasn’t all, in an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Kasich insulted President Trump’s tweet over the FBI’s failure stop the Florida shooting despite the warnings they were given.

“I think it’s an absurd statement. OK? Absurd,” said Kasich of Trump’s tweet. “The fact of the matter is, the FBI apparently made a terrible mistake and people should be held accountable but we need leadership out of the executive. This is a great opportunity for taken. Just in the area of background checks. There should be no ability to do a casual sale without somebody having to find out who they’re selling the gun to and what is involved. The president should be for that,” said Kasich.

“When it comes to the issue of mental illness, we need to take a look across the country that if somebody’s mentally ill it needs to be reported and if somebody becomes emotionally distraught it must be examined by law enforcement and FBI. Of course the president can lead on this and should lead on. And Mr. president I ask you to do this,” said Kasich.

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