Joy Reid Asks How Republicans “Sleep At Night,” One Army Vet Gives Her The Answer She Was Afraid Of

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has made very vicious and cruel accusations against Republicans and the NRA ever since the Florida school shooting. “The @NRA is soaked and bathed in blood. How do its adherents sleep at night?” tweeted Reid. However, one army veteran had the perfect response.

R. Wolf who describes himself as “US Army Special Forces Medic (retired), Disabled Vet, Conservative, father of 3 great kids. Loves America, Israel and our military. #MAGA” responded by saying “Well Joy, I sleep very well knowing that I have a Baretta on the night stand in case some deranged democrat decides to go on a rampage.”

A few other users had some clever responses to her as well. “Who of these shooters were NRA members? No a one. To me it looks like the NRA does a good job of keeping their members off the trigger. How about actually opening your mind to different solutions. I don’t see them going into military schools or anyplace guns are actually allowed,” one user wrote.

“She has security also. She just doesn’t want to discuss that, because she’s a hypocrite,” wrote another.

“The shooter was not a member of the NRA. At least be honest…if that’s even remotely possible,” wrote another. “I sleep very well knowing I am protecting my family. I also fought for your right to be ignorant #Vet #Father #Husband” wrote another.


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