Joy Reid Tries To Accuse Laura Ingraham Of Being ‘Racist’ For Insulting LeBron James, She Gets Crushed

MSNBC’s Joy Reid tried to attack Fox News’ Laura Ingraham for daring to criticize a black person about anything. After LeBron James said that Trump doesn’t give “a f**K” about the people, Laura Ingraham told him he should “shut up and dribble.” But according to Reid, Ingraham only said these things because she hates black people.

“I think what Laura Ingraham did was highlight her own ignorance. There’s been a long, rich tradition of athletes weighing in on political issues. This is the same woman who would have told Muhammad Ali to shut up and fight when was protesting the Vietnam war … she sounds ridiculous. They don’t want our athletes to speak content and truth into our communities,” said guest Tiffany Ross.

From there Joy Reid made it worse. “There is this extent to which Fox News has decided that the grist for the ratings mill is black people. Black NFL players, black NBA players. I mean, you had Eminem make a music video attacking Donald Trump — that’s not interesting to them,” said Reid.

This is untrue, Fox News did cover Eminem’s music video attacking Trump. “The grist is always black and brown people, because they know that it sells, and you have Laura Ingraham taking such umbrage and saying ‘how dare you say my words were racist…’” said Reid.

“All they do all day and all night is find black people to put on TV and say, point and point and point and look at them,” said Reid. However, Ingraham proved Reid wrong in a simple way. Ingraham doesn’t just want to insult LeBron, she actually challenged LeBron to a debate on her show. “Hey King, Come play on my Court next week. You’re invited on the show anytime,” tweeted Ingraham.

Source: MSNBC’s Reid by BPR

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