Liberal Media Spreads Conspiracy Theory On Why Melania Wore A ‘White’ Dress To SOTU Speech

First lady Melania Trump showed up to President Trump’s State of the Union speech in a white dress. And for the liberal media, this is a groundbreaking story. Multiple publications came up with wild conspiracy theories on why she chose the color white. Surprisingly, they didn’t call Melania a white supremacist. Instead they concluded that she hates her husband and wore the dress in protest.

“Melania Trump, having not made a public appearance since The Wall Street Journal published a report alleging that her husband, Donald Trump, had paid hush money to a pornographic film actress, sat in the traditional First Lady’s seat at the State of the Union on Tuesday night,” writes Vanity Fair.

“Her white pantsuit was in stark contrast to the black clothing worn by many of the female congressional Democrats, and a fascinating parallel to the Democratic women who wore all white, in protest, to Trump’s first address to Congress last year. The color white has long been known as the color of the suffrage movement; Hillary Clinton wore the color on and off during her campaign, and since Trump’s election, more famous women have worn the color in the spirit of protest,” they wrote.

That’s a lot of research over the color white. Yahoo News wrote an article called “Melania Trump’s white State of the Union pantsuit might have a hidden meaning”.

“While she looked elegant, many on social media noted with irony that the look mimicked the white pantsuit Hillary Clinton wore on Election Day. The color white was also adopted by the National Women’s Party to honor women who fought for the right to vote,” wrote Yahoo. Has the mainstream media lost all credibility.



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