Local TV Reporter Accidentally Shows Naked Husband During Broadcast from Home

A local news reporter from Sacramento accidentally displayed who is believed to be her husband naked in the shower while broadcasting from her home during the state’s lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

KCRA-TV reporter Melinda Meza was performing a segment on tips for styling your own hair during quarantine when one social media user spotted someone else in the background of the shot.

“Y’all see this naked man on #KCRA #news? Lol,” tweeted the viewer while recording a video from her own TV.

In the video, a silhouette of a man can be seen behind Meza in the mirror’s reflection.

The man is believed to be Meza’s husband, according to the Daily Mail.

“Hope her husband doesn’t see this!” one Twitter user wrote.

Another had some fun with the mess-up, playing off the station’s slogan by writing, “KCRA: where the nudes come first.”

Still another wrote: “Damn why she wanna work when she’s got all that at home?”

Meza’s segment, titled, “Hair Stylists Want to Work,” detailed how beauty industry experts have been put out of work during the coronavirus pandemic, and how many are attempting to maintain their appearance at home.

As she signed off, Meza clipped her bangs and said, “so people won’t have to do this much longer.”

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