Major Abortion Bill Has Just Passed In The House!

This has been a hard few months for everyone in the country. From the hurricanes to the NFL to the mass shooting, nothing has been easy. It is a time for healing and remembrance. But that is hard to do with all of the stuff that is currently going on. Given the circumstances, it is easy to forget that 59 people lost their lives. Even more people lost someone that they loved. This mass shooting has opened the eyes of a nation and it was just in time.

But getting lost in all the tragedy that has surrounded us as of late is a bill that has just been passed by the House of Representatives. This bill would make it illegal for abortions to take place after the 20 week mark. Now obviously, as conservatives, this is what we all want. But even though it passed in the House, the bill is likely never going to make it to the president’s desk.

The Senate will most likely kill it with a filibuster. Senate Republicans need a 60 vote majority to pass, something that they will fail to muster. This is unfortunate given the circumstances. We need to pass this bill to keep more unborn children from dying, especially late term abortions.

“It’s past time for Congress to pass a nationwide law protecting unborn children from the unspeakable cruelty of late-term abortion,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, who is president of the Susan B. Anthony List, a top anti-abortion group in Washington D.C.

Critics responded heavily.

“The agenda behind this bill is clear: to shame women and to ban safe, legal abortion,” said Dana Singiser, the vice president for government relations and public policy for Planned Parenthood.

Of course Democrats are going to do everything they can to make sure that this does not become a reality. They do not want these babies to be safe. Of course they will use the argument that it is a woman’s choice. But after 20 weeks, it seems like they would have made a choice at that point.

Are you disappointed to hear that this will most likely fail in the Senate?

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