Maxine Waters Caught In Pro-Suicide Bomber Nation Of Islam Meeting, It Doesn’t Look Good For Her

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters attended a meeting with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan has blamed the Jews for all the worlds problems and even called Hitler a “great man.” For some reason liberals can’t get enough of this guy. During the convention, Farrakhan called Waters a “great congresswoman” and in the same speech advocated for suicide bombing.

“We have Maxine Waters here, our great congresswoman from this area,” said Farrakhan to the audience. Later in his speech he made his comments justifying suicide bombers.

“The Palestinians have nothing to defend themselves with, so they’re so exhausted and exasperated, think about that, strapping bombs to themselves, making themselves a weapon,” said Farrakhan.

“And then for the world to get upset because Iran or somebody is trying to send them some weapons. Wait a minute. If you were Jewish and you saw unarmed Jews being persecuted, wouldn’t you come to your brothers’ aid? Do you expect Muslims to see their brothers suffering like that and not come to their aid?” asked Farrakhan.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison was also questioned for meeting with Farrakhan. However, his response to the meeting was to have his spokesperson yell at the media. “Rep. Ellison knows Minnesotans understand that standing in a room doesn’t mean you endorse every view of everyone else in that room, and wishes the space being used to print this story was instead spent calling more attention to the scourge of white nationalist gun violence, or the deportation threat facing hundreds of thousands of young immigrants across our country,” said Ellison’s spokesperson. What will Maxine Waters’ reaction be?

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