Media Push Notion Chris Pratt Is ‘Sexist’ After Joke About Wife’s Cooking. Nope.

Chris Pratt is a sexist — or so the media would like you to believe.

In the latest smear against the openly Christian actor, The Independent ran a piece highlighting the supposed “backlash” to Pratt’s lighthearted take on his wife’s cooking disaster.

“People are calling Chris Pratt sexist after he mocked his wife’s cooking,” the headline read.

However, in reality, the claims of Pratt’s “sexism” seems to be a ginned-up controversy by the outlet, considering The Independent itself cited a mere five Twitter accounts with a handful of followers as purported evidence of the “backlash.” The posts critical of Pratt received a grand total of nine “likes” as of Wednesday afternoon — a day after The Independent published the piece.

The “sexist” post from Pratt included a photo of a bagel-bite his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, attempted to cook by heating it in the microwave.

“Proud of my darling for trying to cook tonight,” the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star posted to Instagram. “Did it go well? No. No it did not. Not at all.”

“To quote Rocky Balboa, ‘It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get up … and keep moving forward,’” Pratt joked. “As you can tell from the lump of coal in the center of the plate, this bagel bite never stood a chance.”

“I honestly simply cannot imagine what went wrong here,” he said. “Pretty simple. Microwave. 2 minutes. Maybe she thought it said 2 hours.”

“But I want to commend her for her effort. This is a big step babe. Proud of you,” the “Parks & Rec” actor added.

Moreover, Schwarzenegger jokingly responded to the post, “Looks like my plan to just have you do the cooking is working out very well.” The newlywed doesn’t sound too offended, either, just like every other (sane) person.

Pratt’s “problematic” lifestyle, which includes the absolute horror of attending a traditional Christian church, hunting, and wearing pro-America t-shirts, has opened him to repeated media hits.

In July, for example, Yahoo! wrote a “story” about Pratt wearing a “Don’t Tread On Me” T-shirt, which claimed the shirt featured a “controversial symbol” and highlighted Pratt’s critics.

As previously outlined by The Daily Wire, the imagery on the shirt is basically a version of the Revolutionary War-era Gadsden flag, which was recently re-popularized by small government conservatives of the Tea Party movement. Plainly put, it has no racial connection. Still, Yahoo! included a Twitter user claiming symbol is a “white supremacist dogwhistle.”

Moreover, last December, TV Guide wrote a hit-piece on Pratt “warning its readers about his ‘problematic life offscreen’ that is sure to offend their (presumably left-wing) sensibilities, including that he once mocked ‘outrage culture,’” The Daily Wire reported at the time.

One of the problematic aspects of Pratt is that he hunts and eats lamb, TV Guide’s Kaitlyn Thomas complained.

“Pratt, an avid hunter who has often spoken about his love of hunting, currently raises lambs on his farm,” she wrote. “The enthusiastic tone he took when speaking about ‘eating fresh farm-to-table lamb’ in an Instagram video earlier this year — ‘They are the happiest lambs on the planet, they are so sweet and then one day they wake up dead and they’re in my freezer’ — sparked backlash from a number of fans, and not just those who are vegetarians or vegans. The next day, Pratt posted a photo of several pieces of fresh lamb meat and even compared said lamb’s death to something as easy or trivial as ‘unplugging a TV.’”

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