MSNBC Accuses Republican Candidate Of Being Racist For Using The Phrase “Performed Well”

The mainstream media had been calling Republican candidate Ron DeSantis a racist because he happened to use the phrase “monkeying it up” in the vicinity of a black person. However, MSNBC took this even further. They claimed that DeSantis isn’t just a racist for saying monkey. He is also a racist for using the term “performed well.”

“We are all focusing on the ‘monkey’ line, but that was the third of three things that he said that I as an African-American picked up right away,” said MSNBC contributor and Washington Post Columnist Jonathan Capehart.

“The second word that he used that the more that I hear it, the more angry I get about it. … DeSantis said he watched the Democratic debates, and that Gillum performed well. Not that he had good ideas that he disagreed with, but he performed well. So you have an African-American who’s articulate, who performs, and is, you know, monkeying things up,” said Capehart.

“Any decent person in 2018 who has any sense of empathy or understanding of where the country is right now would acknowledge the fact that what he said was something that was not just hurtful but was also offensive, and has no place in American politics. But that kind of thinking is sort of pre-Trump. We are in a post-Trump world now,” said Capehart.

… And this is why President Trump will win again in 2020.

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