MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Calls Pro-Life People Baby Killers

During a shocking monologue on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow claimed that pro-life Trump supporting Conservatives are baby killers.

“Less than an hour later, Attorney General Jeff Sessions in California gave birth to the second twin when he announced that henceforth the United States government will officially pursue a policy forcibly tearing children away from their parents and incarcerating the parents, putting the kids in homes or shelters,” said Maddow while discussing a law about ILLEGAL ALIENS.

“Separating parents and kids against their will is now the announced, proud policy of the US government in terms of border enforcement,” claimed Maddow.

“And it is remarkable and it will be seen as a landmark moment that the US government is announcing and pursuing this policy of taking, literally taking babies away from their mothers, this is not like grown kids, babes in arms, infants, toddlers, being forcibly taken from their parents is now US government policy at the border, which itself is, as I said, a landmark moment,” she said.

“But the White House really did not do anybody any favors today by scheduling the announcement that we will now rip babies from their mothers’ arms to coincide with a very rare public appearance by the First Lady in which she announces that she wants everybody to value children and take care of them… The most valuable and fragile among us,” said Maddow. It’s interesting how liberals pick and choose when they care about children.

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