MUST SEE: Famed American Artist Releases Stunning Trump Painting

American artist Jon McNaughton, famous for his renditions of religious and patriotic imagery, is releasing a new painting titled, “You Are Not Forgotten,” featuring President Trump and the “forgotten men and women” of America who helped usher him into the White House last November.

McNaughton released a stunning new video highlighting his work and the thoughts behind the moving imagery, saying he felt compelled to “speak forcefully” in support of President Trump and his agenda.

“When I decided to paint this picture, I wondered if this was taking it too far. But sometimes you have to speak forcefully like the brush strokes of my painting,” said McNaughton. “Many Americans have felt forgotten by the establishment in Washington. I’m talking about the people who are more interested in themselves and their political careers.”

“How many veterans have been neglected? How many of our police officers have been marginalized? How many families are suffering because of poor healthcare, limited opportunities, and government intrusion?” asked the artist.

“Last year, we elected President Trump. He expressed by his words and demeanor what Americans wanted. A man who is not going to bow down to Washington or other countries. A man that would not forget the forgotten men and women of this country who elected him,” said McNaughton.

“I want a President that will crush the enemies of liberty, justice, and American prosperity,” he added. “They may have the power to bruise his heel, but he will have the power to crush their head.”

Watch Jon McNaughton discuss “You Are Not Forgotten” above.


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