NBA Star’s Mom Arrested for Keeping Handicapped Man as House Slave

While Chris Bosh is a celebrated NBA star who previously played with the Toronto Raptors and the Miami Heat, his mother is another story altogether.

Flashback to early November, when police officers in DeSoto, Texas, stopped a vehicle as it left a residence owned by Bosh but inhabited by his mother, Freida Bosh.

According to local station WFAA, the cops “found baggies containing cocaine and marijuana and several empty baggies with residue” in the stopped vehicle.

After that stop, they began to watch the home to see if perhaps some sort of drug activity was occurring there. Their suspcicions were proven right.

Not only were vehicles frequently coming and going from the Bosh residence, but sources told police that “hand to hand” drug transactions were occurring inside as well, WFAA reported.

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The officers then executed two undercover operations — one on Nov. 28 and the other on Dec. 5 — in which they presented themselves as garbage men and used this phony identity to collect the home’s trash, which it turned out was loaded with evidence of drug use.

Armed with this evidence, the cops then obtained a no-knock warrant and used it to conduct a raid on the residence on Dec. 8.

What they found was horrifying.

According to DeSoto officers who spoke with station WTVJ, both Freida and Johnathan Brown — who lived in the home with her — exploited a disabled person for the “purpose of monetary profit, personal gain and benefit.”

“Police allege that the elder Bosh and a former tenant, Johnathan Brown, forced the disabled man to deliver drugs for the pair under threat of physical harm,” notes Breitbart. “The victim was living in the Bosh home at the time.”

“Investigators also say that Bosh extorted from the disabled man most of his disability payments given to him for PTSD and depression. She also allegedly forced him to do housework to keep his room at the home.”

She basically treated the disabled man like a slave.

Because this was not what the cops had expected to find, it took another 11 days for them to prepare another set of warrants and eventually arrest both Freida and Brown on Dec. 19.

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Long story short, while Bosh, 33, was busy building a successful career in the NBA, his mother had been dealing drugs and exploiting a disabled man, all in a home he had bought her.


It’s clear now why Bosh and his mother have reportedly been at odds, with Bosh having sued her two months ago demanding she leave his property, as reported at the time by The Dallas Morning News.

What a tragic tale, though it serves as a perfect reminder of why we must always put morality first, even when it means turning our backs on our family.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong, period, and if a family member refuses to do what’s right, what choice do we have left?

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