Police Aggravated by Colin Kaepernick’s Latest Prison Scandal Jeopardizing Everyone’s Safety

Correction officers have never had it easy, as far as their jobs are concerned. Aside from the obvious risk, these officers are rarely given the appreciation they deserve, even though they oftentimes take on the role of a policeman as well.

Why are we mentioning correction officers now?

Well, because of the simple fact that quarterback Colin Kaepernick managed to push their every button in his latest outburst.

As per reports, New York City officials wanted Kaepernick to hold a speech with inmates on Rikers Island, but many correction officers were certain this would bring nothing but trouble.

“That’s crazy to me to have a person like Colin Kaepernick in prison talking about police brutality,” one officer said, mentioning this doesn’t affect their job alone but their integrity as well.

“It was insulting for me to be there.”

The officer in question noted that Colin’s little ‘meet and greet’ could easily go sideways, given the nature of the inmates.

“In the inmate’s eyes, we are the police when they’re locked up,” the officer said.

As reported, Kaepernick already held two 45-minute seminars and took the time to individually talk to every inmate.

In his first session, he met six adult and eight adolescent inmates. The group spent around 10 minutes with Kaepernick, and then took the time to take photos and ask questions.

Then, in his next session, Colin talked in front of four adult and 10 adolescent inmates. During this period, Colin focused on so-called police brutality and how he felt about it.

According to inside reports, Kaepernick “came out of the gate with the police brutality… and he said the NFL was keeping him out of the game for speaking out.”

Corrections officers were quite unhappy with Colin’s stunt.

“This will only encourage inmates to continue to attack correction officers at a time when we need more protection,” Elias Husamudeen, president of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, stated for the New York Daily News.

Colin is a longtime hater of policemen and has made it his mission to drag them through the mud every chance he got. Husamudeen and other corrections are very well aware of this fact.

“Once again, correction officers find themselves caught in Mayor [Bill] de Blasio’s political con-game,” Husamudeen said. “This is yet another brazen display of the hypocrisy of this mayor who pretends to support us in public, yet does everything possible to jeopardize our security in private.”

Patrick Ferraiuolo, president of the Correction Captains’ Association issued the following statement:

“The inmates see a guy like this coming in, it’s almost like the administration is condoning being anti-law enforcement,” Ferraiuolo told the Post. “His presence alone could incite these guys.”

“We’ve got enough issues in the facility with inmates assaulting staff,” Ferraiuolo added. “His presence, what he stands for, certainly doesn’t help.”

Over at Rikers Island, many correctional officers faced direct confrontation with several aggressive inmates so far.

Kaepernick made a name for himself not so much through his football career, but with his adamant boycotts of the national anthem, which ultimately pushed him out of the league.

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