Rush Limbaugh Exposes Why The FISA Memo Was “More Damning” Then Anyone Expected

Ever since the FISA memo was released, Democrats are trying to simultaneously argue that Republicans are evil and destroying America for releasing this memo, also, there is nothing important in the memo and it’s a big ‘nothing burger.’ But they aren’t fooling anyone. Rush Limbaugh exposes the truth of what is really hidden in this memo.

“Folks, it is worse. It is worse than what I thought it was going to be. If anything, the contents of this memo were underplayed. They have not been overplayed. It is astounding,” said Limbaugh.

“I thought that since we’ve discussed it so much and pretty much informed you everything in it, I didn’t think I could be surprised. But I have been. The Steele dossier formed the essential part of the initial FISA warrant application and three subsequent renewals,” explained Limbaugh.

“All of these were warrants to spy on Carter Page, not Donald Trump. But to spy on Page means to spy where he is. If he’s in Trump Tower, you surveil wherever he goes. Again, the dossier is the basis of everything, and none of it’s been corroborated. None of it’s real. It’s bought-and-paid-for opposition research by Hillary Clinton and her campaign,” explained Limbaugh.

“It’s nothing but pure liberal Democrat opposition research politics that was dressed up in its presentation and in its creation as legitimate intelligence. I cannot emphasize enough that nothing in this dossier has been corroborated or confirmed — and I know the me saying so; it’s James Comey. Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI, recently resigned, retired, confirmed that no FISA warrant would have been sought without the dossier,” said Limbaugh. Do you think he’s right?

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