Sarah Sanders Just Used Hillary To Drop The Best Burn Of The Year So Far On Obama, Ouch

Former Democratic President Barack Obama did a grave disservice to those who promote freedom around the world by not supporting the Green Revolution that has been standing up against Iran’s extreme theocratic regime.

Instead, President Obama decided to reward the controlling terrorist government in Iran by making a nuclear deal with them. During a recent press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders addressed the Iran question, which has been making headlines again, by using Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to slam Obama.

When reporters inquired what she thought the “end game” of Trump’s strategy with Iran, Sarah replied that the end game is when  “the people of Iran are actually given basic human rights, and [President Trump] would certainly like to see them stop being a state sponsor of terror.”

She continued, “I think that’s what the whole world would like to see.” A liberal reporter then asked Sanders if the fact that Trump is backing the Green Revolution protesters could result in a “backlash against them by the Iranian government.”

Sanders handled this with a scathing response about Obama. She replied, “No, I think one of the big things that even Hillary Clinton outlined in this when she said that the Obama Administration was too restrained in the 2009 protest and said that that won’t happen again. For once, she is right and we agree with her because President Trump is not going to sit by silently like President Obama did. He certainly supports the Iranian people and wants to make that clear.” How much do you love brilliant Sarah? Watch below:

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