The Media Has Been Lying About The Florida Shooter Being A ‘White Supremacist’, The Truth Is Exposed

The media has been lying again and again about the nature of shootings in America. Whenever a shooter is Muslim, they try to pretend his religion is not important. Whenever the shooter is white, they act like we have some major problem with white people in this country. Several news outlets reported that the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was a part of a white supremacist group.

This is totally false, Cruz was not a white supremacist, this was actually a prank from some trolls on a website called 4Chan. An ABC reporter spoke with a white nationalist from the group Republic of Florida who told them that Cruz was a part of their group. And apparently that’s all they needed to report it as fact.

A 4Chan user posted the messages from ABC news on the website and the group of trolls decided to lie to the reporter. “Prime trolling opportunity,” wrote one user. “You have to take advantage of this,”wrote another.

“Keep talking to her so she gains your trust”; “Keep this going be realistic … say you have known him for years you met him on a Liberal Facebook page years ago and you have kept in touch”; “Say you are scared to tell her in case you get blamed, it will get her excited you know something big,” they wrote.

They then proceeded to lie to the reporter. Are you surprised that the mainstream media would take these people’s word as fact? For more information read here.

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