The Trump Campaign Raised $10 Million During The Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry

The impeachment inquiry, vote , and subsequent Senate trial, might be a headache for the Trump White House, but at least they’ve been great for fundraising for the President’s re-election campaign.

According to to Trump 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, the President’s re-election campaign hauled in a staggering $10 million in just one week during the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, giving the President an incredible leg up on Democrats competing to keep him from earning another term in the White House.

Parscale, intent on drawing a comparison between the President and House Democrats, listed the President’s “accomplishments” during the same period House Democrats were focused on impeachment. Included were the President’s executive order combatting anti-Semitism on American college campuses, a landmark trade deal with China, a near-complete rewrite of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a handful of Federal judges, and $10 million for his re-election campaign.

The Trump campaign hasn’t yet filed candidate fundraising disclosures for the fourth quarter (they’re not due until at least mid-January), so there’s no real way to check whether the fundraising numbers are accurate. But given the Trump campaign’s incredible fundraising numbers already, it’s not exactly a surprise that the President would raise an extreme amount of money as Democrats dither, even if the ten million dollar-in-one week number is actually more than most competitors for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination raised in the entire third quarter.

Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign has been a money machine, raising, in concert with the Republican National Committee, an astounding $125 million in the last quarter alone — easily besting the entire Democratic field combined, according to NBC News.

The President, at last count, had drawn in more than $300 million in donations by October 1, 2019, if his re-election campaign, the RNC, and a number of pro-Trump super PACs and fundraising groups are combined into a single fundraising total. To date, that means the President has more than $150 million in cash on hand.

“That fundraising haul far exceeds the $105 million second-quarter joint total and marks a new presidential fundraising record, according to the Associated Press,” NBC News said back in October. “The Trump campaign enters the last three months of the year building a staggering fundraising edge over the Democrats who hope to challenge him for the White House next year. In a field of 19 presidential primary candidates, even the top Democratic fundraisers trail the Trump operation by tens of millions of dollars.”

That money is being used to wage an early war on Democrats in battleground states. The President launched his first re-election campaign commercial back in September, and has continued to blanket the airwaves during high-viewership events, particularly in battleground states, and particularly now that Democrats have fully embraced impeachment, weakening them among moderate and independent voters, who have fallen away from impeachment in the double digits.

Despite the impeachment vote, being held Wednesday, the President is actually having quite the week. Not only is he now the most popular he’s been since the beginning of his term, but he’s seen his poll numbers rise to the point where he is running even — not behind — in most crucial battleground states, and now his coffers have expanded.

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