Newt Gingrich Ponders: What Would Trump Have Accomplished Without ‘Russia Collusion’ Lie?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, in a new column published on Tuesday, pondered what a Donald Trump presidency would have been like had he not been dogged constantly by a false, malicious lie regarding ‘collusion’ with Russia.

“How would President Trump and his team have evolved if they had not been under constant attack by the Democrats, the FBI, the Special Counsel, and the left-wing news media? We now know all the attacks were based on a huge lie which implied substantial Russian influence where none existed.”he wrote.

“How would middle-of-the-road Americans have responded to President Trump and his new administration if he had not been subjected to a constant bombardment of hostile, false, vicious, dishonest, and in some cases scurrilous attacks?” Gingrich added.

“How much extra energy would President Trump and his team have had to focus on solving problems if they had not had to spend hours every day fighting off and defending against methodically constant attacks based on falsehoods?”

While Gingrich praised the former president for managing to accomplish several major things on his agenda — building the border wall, renegotiating NAFTA, bolstering the U.S. military, and a huge tax cut for the vast majority of Americans and businesses — he could have done a lot more and the country would have been even better off:

It is amazing how much President Trump accomplished despite the daily war against his survival, character, and team. Just think about Trump-level gasoline and diesel prices, Trump-level energy independence, Trump-level control of the border and defense from cartels and drugs, Trump-level economic growth without inflation, Trump-level surgical application of power to eliminate Qasem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – while crushing ISIS in the Syria-Iraq region and managing the war in Afghanistan so no American was killed in combat after February 2020 for the rest of his term.

Imagine how much more he and his team could have accomplished if they had not had to spend so much of their time and energy preparing for depositions and defending themselves against lies and false charges.

The trial of Michael Sussman makes clear that there was an alternative path to a far more acceptable and positive Trump presidency. It is an alternative worth pursuing just to understand how much Hillary Clinton’s vicious dishonesty – and the establishment’s eager embrace of that dishonesty – have cost America.



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